Ringing in the 2013 Wedding Season!!!

 Ringing in the 2013 Wedding Season!!!

Wedding Season!


Crystal glasses & Wedding gown Celebrating Princess crowned

Bridal season Dreams achieved Snowy white A Mom relieved

A Father proud A family grown Steps & in-laws Seedlings sown!

Party favors Diamond rings Champagne & LOVE things

Giving love

Giving you So deserving of… Hearing “I Do”

Wishes granted Fairytale Confetti ending A bride Unveil

One kiss Everlasting spark Tale beginning Life embark

Wedding bells & Honeymoons, Seashells & blue lagoons.

Love each other & Be one Lift the other & Poke fun!

Perfect future Perfect past… Matrimony… Is here at last!

Xo (Courtesy of: http://www.NutshellCards.com)

Love http://www.makeupinthecity.ca


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