Artist In The City

On a recent trip to LA I have decided to write a new post that may continue through to the future. Being a makeup artist comes with its exciting or life changing experiences.

As women we like to know what is going on in the celebrity world, what’s new in fashion or new and innovative beauty products. ┬áIn this column/posts labeled Artist in the City i will share with all of you my life experiences, new fashions or designers I love and new products I think are Amazing!!!

So my first official post of the new year under the column/post ” Artist in the City”. I would love to share with you my brief but life changing trip to LA!

With a surprise gift from my boyfriend we headed to LA for a brief vacation. With it brought lots of Love, family and inspiration. Inspiration as an artist to pursue a great dream of moving to LA and working as an artist.

In my trip I had the amazing opportunity to meet , chill and become close friends with my boyfriends best friend Stacy Keibler. She is the most stunning, inspiring and loving girl!!!

Me and Stacy

Please follow me and my journey to expand a career to an even bigger city!!!! On that road I will again share my favorite experiences, people, designers, and products!!



Night Magic

So Happy To Share with all of you one of my very special brides of 2011 featured in this months january issue of Wedding Bells magazine!

Taylor is a fellow Makeup Artist with Judy Inc and allowed me the priviledge of making her and all her girls Beautiful on her very special day!!!

Love you Taylor!!!